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                Methylamino chloride
                Dimethylaminoethyl chloride
                Diethylamino chloride
                Nutmeg chloride
                4-nitrobenzoyl chloride
                4-nitrobenzoyl chloride
                P-terephthaloyl chloride
                Carbamic chloride isopropyl
        About Us

      Kaifeng Lier Chemical Co., Ltd. mainly manages and produces downstream products of phosgene. The technical ability is strong and it has built great cooperation relation with various phoshene manufacturers. The factory is located in Kaifeng in Henan Province. The transportation is very vonvenient.
      The company mainly produces and manages carbamate pesticide intermediates and fine chemicals which takes phosgene as the raw materials. At present, the annually output of chloride type,chloroformate esters and isocyanates phosgene derivative chemical products 5,000tons. The company would like to develop international and domestic chemical markets with customers both new and old based on equal and mutual-benefit principle. The company welcome customers both at home and abroad to
      consult, discuss, invest, cooperate and seek mutual-development.

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